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This site specializes in vertical scrolling shoot 'em ups that have the monitor set up vertically (meaning a regular monitor that's just rotated).
Mainly home system conversions of arcade games if they have a so called "vertical arcade mode".
I'll refer to a horizontal monitor as a monitor in a "normal" position (4:3).
I'll refer to a vertical monitor as a monitor in a "90 degrees rotated" position (3:4).

The so called "vertical arcade mode" this site is referring to is the mode that you can select to play the game just like it's arcade counterpart vertically meaning you'll have to rotate your actual tv/monitor in order to the play a game just like it's arcade counterpart is played.

A picture of a game which utilizes a rotated monitor:

-Screenshot of the arcade game Dragon Blaze by Psikyo (2000)

this game along with a lot of shooters will probably never be released for a home system.(a MAME-emulator release is a possibility though!)

You can see that the screens dimensions are different.
They are 3:4 instead of 4:3, because the monitor is rotated!

Why do vertical scrollers need a vertical monitor?
The answer is very simple:
Having a vertical shooter run on a horizontal monitor is like a version of R-type that's programmed for a horizontal monitor. Imagine if you favorite horizontal scrolling shooter was released on a vertical monitor.......imagine....
Too illustrate I use the following two pictures.

-does that make any sense? No it doesn't

-it was released on a normal horizontal monitor!

This is exactly the reason why every vertical scrolling shooter should be programmed to play on a monitor/tv that's rotated. This goes for arcade games and their home systems conversions.
As in this case of R-type, what would the game be like if it were programmed to play on a vertical monitor. Think about it for a minute!
The enemy's and the enemy's fire would come at you way slower to compensate for the loss of sight. This would result in a very dull and boring game. And you would have the feeling your vision is blocked. You are being handicapped by not letting you see what's ahead. No I say. Let gameplayers see further and make the enemies and enemy fire faster and harder for a more action packed and less boring/less frustrating playing experience.
So R-Type was naturaly programmed to play on a horizontal monitor. And all vertical scrolling shoot 'em ups should be programmed to play on a vertical monitor.

THAT'S ABOUT IT! I hope everybody understands it.

Vertical shooters on arcade or home system games that use horizontal monitors don't work for me. Even games like Giga Wing 2 (arcade/Dreamcast) play and look odd to me:
These vertical scrolling shoot 'em ups where created to run on a horizontal monitor.
Even at the arcade's these games run on a horizontal monitor.

-Giga Wing 2 for the Dreamcast

I own this game and I can only imagine how the game would have turned out if it where released to play on a vertical monitor.
It would have other enemy movements/patterns. The enemies could have different shapes like longer sprites instead of overall round dimensions. The weapons would be less spread and moving forward/backward for dodging bullets would have resulted in a game that would have a richer and more action packed experience.
Then why are most home system conversions lacking a vertical arcade mode?
That answer again is very simple:
Rotating your tv is frowned upon, even my own friends look at me funny saying things like: "what if it breaks?"
Why would it break? If handled properly there's no real risk. So manufacterers know about this mass hysteria and most don't incorporate this mode in their games. If only to avoid questions from consumers.

Then why why why are more and more ARCADE games programmed for a horizontal monitor?
Maybe the arcade-owners are complaining and/or the conversion for a home system would be easier!

I think that vertical modes are the coolest thing since electricity.
Forget 3-D glasses. Vertical modes are awesome. and you'll notice this as soon as you try it.

I'm not getting paid by tv manufacturers to destroy a lot of tv's/monitor's. I'm just saying that it's very cool & and it's a unique experience. Go ahead, unplug your tv, rotate it and create the true arcade experience.

Check the section How to.. for instructions on how to rotate your tv/monitor succesfully.
There is a special method needed because if you just rotate your monitor/tv when it's on or on standby you'll get distorted colors.

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